If you have doubts about the confidentiality of your negotiations, you suspect that you are under surveillance and you are being wiretapped - welcome to our investigation agency

Here, high-level professionals with years of experience in law enforcement and business spheres will help you identify all channels of information leakage, whether it takes place from the office, home or vehicle, and confirm or dispel all your suspicions. Before you contact a detective agency in Kyiv, you need to determine the object (that is, what do you want to check?). If it’s a room, then you need to understand the size of its area in square meters, the number of office equipment (computers, copiers, air conditioners, etc.). To check the car you need to know the vehicle type/brand. Then you contact us, and our employee will tell you the approximate cost of the check. If the price is good with you, then we coordinate the time and place of the check (for offices the most convenient are non-working hours when the employees are not at work).
Check for bugs (wiretapping devices) and other equipment used for unauthorized retrieval of information is conducted in Kyiv city and Kyiv region, Ukraine. Based on prior agreements, trips to other cities are also possible.
In our arsenal there is a full range of professional equipment used to detect wiretapping /recording devices, tracking GPS “bugs” and video cameras, starting with professional frequency meter to nonlinear locators and software systems.
Payment is possible in cash or by bank transfer.
The cost of check of 1 square. m – starts from $ 5 to $ 10 (depends on the size of the room). The minimum order is 200 $.
We have all the necessary licenses and permits for this.

For Business

Protect your business from risk, theft or fraud with a professional and reliable private investigator

For Personal

Find the truth  with a private investigator you can trust

Hire a top-rated and experienced private investigator

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