You became a victim of scammers on the Internet, you have a broken mail account, withdrawn money from your account, other cases, then we can help you

Failure to comply with Internet hygiene, active growth of the crypto currencies popularity, improperly organized local network of your company, the consequences of targeted hacker attacks, viruses – often leads to deception and theft of money, information, blocking of the enterprise and other consequences. There are cybersecurity experts in our team, who will conduct an investigation, find thieves, scammers and give you recommendations for the future. The main point is not to delay the time and address us immediately after the incident, do not use antivirus software after the incident took place; do not delete cookies, log files; store passwords on a separate drive, or better in your head.
The price is negotiated upon the incident.

For Business

Protect your business from risk, theft or fraud with a professional and reliable private investigator

For Personal

Find the truth  with a private investigator you can trust

Hire a top-rated and experienced private investigator

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