Our private investigators can help you find out if your partner is cheating. Discover partner’s activities or movements

Relationship between people is often quite a complex process: over time, feelings and attitude of people to each other can change. As a result, doubts about sincerity and frankness of your loved ones arise. In order to dispel these doubts, you can contact our detective agency in Kyiv. We have enough ways and methods in order to check if a person is “clean” in our arsenal.
In practice, verification and identification of adultery is a set of activities aimed at identifying the facts of treason, obtaining photos together with a lover (mistress), their correspondence, identification of their identity, obtaining and collecting information about this person.
Each private detective of our agency in Ukraine has a high level of professionalism and experience for conducting such kind of activities. After the initial data about the object is received and analyzed (for example: license plates numbers, photos, phone number, ways of transportation/movements around the city, use of computer at home, hides while talking on the phone in another room, encodes the conversation, etc), the Ukrainian private detectives will discuss with you and advise the most optimal and effective measures for verification.
Identification of adultery (treason) is often a difficult task and requires expenses; prepayment is 50%, a minimum commission starts with $ 500. You should also acknowledge, that if you are going to check your partner for fidelity, you should not tell him in person that “I’ll bring everything to light …”, since then the person begins to be cautious and the work of a private detective becomes more complicated and expensive.
This type of investigation is associated with unfaithful partners, adultery, the search for evaders of alimony, checking the way of life of children, the search for property and assets in divorce and other.
We will run all the necessary checks, provide you with proofs, photos, videos, documents and confirm or disprove all suspicions and all this will be confidential and authentic.
The price of investigations is negotiable.

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