Online Investigations offers scam investigations.
We will look into your matter for you and determine whether you are a victim of a scam or not

Very often, on dating web-sites, Internet and even after personal meetings, people offer you a sincere friendship, communication, then ask for help and it’s not always true. Therefore, our task is to protect you from such actions and help you not to fall into the hands of scammers. To do this, our detectives will conduct appropriate investigation and establish the truth. Such kinds of scams are popular among Ukrainian girls, who earn money in this way. Very often, before addressing private detectives, men spend large sums of money on such communication. The price of investigations depends on the stage of deception.

For Business

Protect your business from risk, theft or fraud with a professional and reliable private investigator

For Personal

Find the truth  with a private investigator you can trust

Hire a top-rated and experienced private investigator

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